Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race 2017


Thank you to all our competitors and sponsors for making this amazing event possible! Check out your 2018 hosts the University of Waterloo and congratulations to the University of Alberta for their successful bid to host GNCTR 2019!


GNCTR 2017

Welcome to Winnipeg, host of GNCTR 2017

Known for its friendly and welcoming spirit, Winnipeg is a diverse multicultural city with a rich and varied history. An aboriginal trading centre prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Winnipeg was at the heart of the country’s fur trade and instrumental in developing Canada’s gateway to the west. Home to a grain exchange that once rivalled the largest markets in the world, Winnipeg’s architecture and neighbourhoods reflect the profound character of this small prairie town.

Over the last decades, Winnipeg has developed into a cosmopolitan city complete with top-notch restaurants, swanky boutiques, exciting attractions and an arts and culture scene that bursts with talent and originality. A hub of culture and history, and strategically located for easy travel from all corners of the country, Winnipeg is thrilled to welcome all competitors to the 2017 Race.



The official competitor schedule is here! Competitor Schedule 2017 (PDF)